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The University of Waterloo

Search through our sublet listings, a categorized and documented set of subsets for each term. UW's student population is rapidly transitioning from houses to high rises, driving up prices of accommodations close to campus so quickly that you could rent for a unit for a year and split it into 3 4-months sublets and turn a profit. Explore the trends and data patterns!

The University of Waterloo

What’s that? You wanted a second location? Stop being so demanding! I'm working as fast as I can over here.

The University of Waterloo

Is this a third location? Nope still the first location. UWaterloo is such a pain it's taking up 3 slots instead of just one.

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What is Happening Here is the go-to website for finding 4, 8, or 12-month sublets in your area; if your area is Kitchener-Waterloo. We store and sort sublets for you to easily select what you’re looking for.

Why Skimp?

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Skimp is built on top of various Facebook groups designated for the sale of sublets. Why not just use Facebook? After all, we are just using exclusively posts from Facebook (for now). Facebook doesn't know what you're buying or selling, and they don't know where you're doing it.

Cutting Edge Technologies uses a machine learning algorithm built in tensor flow to categorize Facebook posts into locations, prices, and other categories. We boast the best machine learning algorithms over the competition, our combination of Neural Networks, custom boosting, and an in house algorithm for feature extraction puts our accuracy at over 90%.